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Your Oasis of Clarity

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Explore our tailored tax solutions for families and businesses

Simplifying Finances, Fostering Success 

Our mission at Oasis Books and Taxes is to help people and businesses with their money. We want to make money stuff easy for you.


We promise to be accurate, friendly, and always there for you. Your success with money is what drives us.

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A Future of
Financial Freedom

Our vision is to be our community's trusted place for money help. We want to give everyone the tools and knowledge they need to reach their money goals. We imagine a future where money is simple, and everyone's dreams come true.

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Why Choose Us

Choose Oasis Books and Taxes for a financial experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Your success is our priority.

Expertise in all your bookkeeping and tax needs.

We always make sure you pay what's fair to the IRS, and no more.

Friendly and welcoming customer service.

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Our Commitment

We promise to always be there for you. We will do everything possible to make money less confusing and safer for you. Our commitment goes beyond numbers; it's about fostering prosperity and providing support within our community. You are family to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring your financial confidence and security.

Meet Mercy Rosales

Mercy Rosales founder of Oasis Books and Taxes

In 2007, Mercy Rosales started Oasis Books and Taxes with a dream: to make top-quality bookkeeping and tax services accessible to everyone in her community. With a natural talent for numbers and a heart for people, she began her journey to demystify finances and empower her neighbors.

Starting as a one-woman operation, Oasis grew into a team of four passionate individuals, each committed to offering personalized, friendly financial guidance. They're not just about the numbers; they're about creating stories of success for every person who walks through their door.

Mercy's unique approach goes beyond the balance sheets. She and her team understand that behind every figure is a dream, a family, or a goal. They've become more than service providers; they're friends and allies in their clients' aspirations.

While big firms might feel impersonal, Oasis stands out with its community-first spirit. They believe in building strong neighborhoods through support and understanding, embodying the principle that true success comes from lifting each other up.

Today, Oasis continues to be a pillar in their community, not just as financial experts but as neighbors invested in each other's futures. They're here to ensure that every person they help is on the path to a brighter, more secure tomorrow.

Behind Oasis Books and Taxes, There Is a Team Dedicated to Turning Your Numbers into Tales of Financial Success.

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