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From Setting Up Your Company to Managing Your Payroll

At Oasis Books and Taxes, we are committed to making every step seamless and accurate.

Personal Finances
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Personal Finances

Manage your personal finances with ease and confidence! Led by Mercy Rosales, our expert team specializes in personal bookkeeping, ensuring effective money management for every individual.

We focus on precision and organization, delivering flawless financial records for enhanced control and understanding.

Available in both English and Spanish, our services are accessible to a diverse range of clients.

Connect with us today for personalized finance management solutions that work for you.


We streamline your 1099 filing process! Our team is well-versed in managing 1099 forms, focusing on delivering efficient and accurate service.

We ensure each 1099 is meticulously handled, providing you with a hassle-free experience. Our bilingual support extends our expertise to a broader audience, making the process smooth and accessible.

Contact us for expert, stress-free 1099 assistance today

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Corporate Setups

Our team excels in guiding businesses to establish their corporate structures swiftly and accurately.

We prioritize meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a seamless and error-free corporate setup experience. With services available in both Spanish and English, we extend our expertise to a wide variety of clients.

Experience our approachable and efficient service. For a simplified corporate setup journey, reach out to us today for professional guidance

Corporate Setups

Payroll Services

Streamline your payroll with our comprehensive services. Our team specializes in managing all aspects of payroll, from owner salaries to employee and contractor payments, ensuring precise and timely execution.

Our commitment to accuracy and detail means your payroll management will be seamless and reliable. We offer bilingual support in both Spanish and English, accommodating a diverse clientele with ease.

Simplify your payroll today by reaching out for our specialized services.

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Payroll Services

Simplify Your Financial Life with Us

In the world of personal and business finances, we are your reliable partner.

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